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Academic Resources

"Thank you for the continued support that A+ Academic Resources has provided to the SAISD foundation for the past several years.  You, and donors like you, bring us closer to achieving our vision that all students and teachers thrive in SAISD public schools." 

- Judy Geelhoed, Executive Director, SAISD Foundation

"We can never thank you enough for your dedication to the children of Bexar County who have experienced abuse and neglect.  Thank you for changing their stories!

 Angela White, President & CEO, CASA

Thank you so much!!  For everything you do!!” – SAISD Foundation

"WOW!  2021 was a year to remember for CASA.  Because of you and our amazing community, children served by CASA have a beautiful playground to enjoy, plans are in the works for other child-friendly spaces on our campus, and, most of all, over 1,600 children in foster care here in Bexar County had the consistent presence of a highly trained CASA Volunteer Advocate." 

Angela White, President & CEO, CASA

“Everything was different this year.   Everything but you and your steadfast support.  Thank you for being there through this difficult year.   You mean the world to us.” CASA

“During these uncertain times, you thought of the children of Boysville along with those you hold close to your heart and, for that, we are grateful.  Your gift will help fulfil all of our children’s wishes this holiday season…including living in a safe and happy home.” Boysville

“Your gift last year made a tremendous impact that can be seen daily in the faces of our children. Thank you for your role in helping to heal 1361 children who have been silenced by fear and the trauma of abuse.” – Annette Rodriguez, President & CEO, The Children’s Shelter

“You’ve stood up to the task of providing a safe and secure place for abused and neglected children to heal during a critical time in their lives, and you all accomplished that in a challenging 2020.   Your support means 2021 will start off with bang!” – The Children’s Shelter 

"I feel grateful that members from our community donated to fund our project. It started as an idea and quickly blossomed into excitement and hope when we were in the process of writing the grant. Gonzales ECEC is in its third year and we have limited resources for our students, regardless we feel that our students deserve the best. Thanks to A+ Academic Resources that is exactly what they got!  Our student sensory path will greatly benefit ALL of our students on campus and future eagles as well!" Ms. Olguin, Gonzales ECEC Teacher

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you generous donations. I work in a very low income area my students have been in shock by the way perfect strangers care enough to help our class. New and shiny things don't cross their path very often so the fact that they are the first to ever read the books that are coming in is so exciting for them. Thank you again."

Ms. Paredes, Elementary School Teacher


"My girls love school. They don't like wearing uniforms but they have to. These cost too much sometimes and I need a helping hand, somebody who cares.  The counselor called A+ Academic Resources.  They bought uniforms and sneakers for my girls.   We are so grateful." 

-Ms. Ybarra, Parent

"Mrs. Walker thank you for reaching out and helping our 1st grade class. The supplies you purchased for us are so desperately needed for a new math curriculum we are starting in 1st grade.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."  - Ms. Isaac, 1st Grade Teacher

"Thank you so much for your continued support!  We are so thankful for our supporters like you.  We cannot do what we do without you.   So from the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU!"

- CASA Development Team

"For children in the foster care system, the holiday season can be difficult, but, thanks to you, these children will know that someone remembers them and cares about them.  That's a priceless gift!  Thank you for remembering these children and helping to make their holiday season joyful!" - CASA CEO, Marina J. Gonzales, J.D.

"With your generous support, you have made our mission to ensure students' economic independence not just a possibility, but a reality. Your investment today will pay dividends tomorrow.  We, our students, and their families are grateful to you."

- TCA President & CEO, Richard A. Marquez

"Thank you for giving us new shoes all of us are very thankful. We want to let you know that we thank you for the shoes.  Since you gave us shoes we did something in return we will give you a thank you letter!  Your Super Shoelastic!  Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change ur life  Thank you for the shoes bye!"- Elementary School Student

"Thank you for Helping kids Your Shoe-Amazing" - Elementary School Student

"We ALL Love Your Shoes" - Yondiya       "Thank you for the shose" - Damien

"Thank you for the school cloese Thank you" - Brian R.

"thank you very much for the clothes thank you" - Ryan

"Thank you Foy theth School clothes" - Mario G.     "THANK VERY MUCH" - Aubrie

"Thank you for the School CLOSe Thank! you!" - Boysville Student

"Thank you for my School Clothes" - Anthony      "thank you For my school clothes" - Sophia

"thank you very much for the cloths.   thank you" -Stephen

"Thank you For my school clothes  I Love you" - Gloria      "Thank you for My school clothes" - JT

"Thank you for School clothes very much Love school clothes" - Azia

"Thank you for all are School clothes Very much!!!!" - Alazayi

"Thank you for my school clothes" - Jacob        "Thank you for my school clothes!" - Felix

"Thank you so much for The shoes!  Thank you very much for the shoes this means a lot to me!  I'v 

never had some do somthing  verry sweet." -Elementary School Student

"Thank you so much!  You devote so much of your time and energy to doing this that aren't always easy.  but that makes a big difference.  Thank you for the shoes!   I am so greatful!" 

- Elementary School Student

"Thank you for giving us some shoes your so kind.  you make me happy and full of Joy.   I hope I can see you again someday.   you are the best.   I know you spent all that money on us,  but thank you." - Miranda

"thank you For the shoes that your spending you money on and I hope you have o blessed day and bless your family and I hope you have a good blessed day I will wear the shoes thank you thank you From L, money to you bye". - L, money

"Thank you for handing out shoes for the school and we really thank you for giving out shoes for our school and thank you for what you do"  - Elementary School Student

"Thank you for going out of your way to give shoes to people that don't have any.   I know I don't know you and you don't know me, but I just wanted to say keep up the great work.   Thank you, you'll really stay in someone's heart." - Elementary School Student

"Thanks for helping bring summer time  joy to kids who deserve a smile on their faces!" 

- The Children's Shelter

" Your gift keeps hope alive for children in our Emergency Shelter, Residential Treatment Center, Hope Center, Foster Care Programs, and our Family Strengthening Programs.  Thank YOU for your continued support!" - The Children's Shelter

Tutoring Services

"I was having trouble with algebra class because I missed  lots of school during surgery and I had to go to summer school to catch up.   My mom was worried so she called Ms. Adriene.  She matched me with a tutor who was patient, kind and a math whiz. With her help, I got an A!"  - Timothy

Writing Services

"Being a Social Worker has been my dream like forever.   It cannot happen without college.   I had to write a letter for college.  My GPA was good, but I wasn't accepted into the top colleges.  I couldn't get my words to show how much helping families means to me.  Ms. Odom listened to my story and helped me put my passion into words.   My #1 choice for college said Y-E-S!"  - Michelle

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