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Adriene R. Walker, MA/MSM


God directed me to establish A+ Academic Resources  for San Antonio students.  I am a retired United States Air Force (USAF) Officer, Behavioral Scientist, and Academic Program Manager.  I retired as the Chief of Educational Program Effectiveness at Air University, Spaatz Center for Officer Education.  However, I started my career as a Missile Cook.

This job had the most significant impact on me because I learned the value of working hard and taking care of people.  Most important, respect and honor for the Mission was indelibly engraved on my heart.   My strengths are research, analysis, education, counseling, consulting, facilitating, writing, speaking, and motivating.   However, my greatest strength is love.   My heart is the chief reason that God chose me to lead A+ Academic Resources.   As a Servant Leader, I live my life to serve others.   Jesus is my Savior and Role Model!  The organization is grounded in love; without love, we have nothing.  Through love, we can do anything!   Together We Can make a W-O-W impact on the educational foundation of San Antonio students and ultimately students worldwide!

My relentless passion for education and love for children did not become realized until I started attending speech therapy classes during the tenth grade for my swirling of the “s” sound.   I enjoyed being at the elementary school at the small circle table with an even smaller chair where young children often performed miracles.  This was the highlight of my day!   I was able to watch the kids tackle their speech opportunities.  Yes, I meant opportunities instead of challenges or impediments, for life is full of opportunities for improvement that allow us to grow and shine even brighter!   God gave us three treasures to keep us going---faith, hope, and love.   The greatest is Love.    A strong foundation is built on love.  Through love, we can make a positive and lasting impact on the educational foundation of San Antonio students.

As a Behavioral Scientist and Academic Program Manager in the USAF, I served as the Chief of Education Plans at Headquarters Air University and the Chief of Educational Program Effectiveness at the Spaatz Center for Officer Education.   It was a true honor to be on the outstanding team that is responsible for educating America's Air Force.  Previously, I worked as a Lead Test Psychologist.   I loved this job because I developed the invaluable promotion tests for Enlisted personnel.   A promotion requires one to do well on their Specialty Knowledge Test.  The bottom line is education is vital for success!  The training that I received to become a USAF Classroom Instructor equipped me with education fundamentals, but my work as a Substitute Teacher gave me insight into what is happening in community classrooms.   Our students lack essential resources!   I am dedicated to providing academic resources for our students because a strong educational foundation is paramount for academic success.   Learning keeps us ready for opportunities!    

From the Heart,


Adriene R. Walker


Christian Ministry, Graduate Certificate,

Liberty University, July 2023 

Christian Leadership, Graduate Certificate, 

Liberty University, August 2020

School Leadership, Graduate Certificate, Liberty University, July 2018

MS in Management - Nonprofit & Association, University of Maryland University College, May 2017

Caring for Kids God's Way, Certificate, Light University, November 2009

Squadron Officer School, USAF, July 2009

MA in Professional Counseling, Liberty University, 

June 2008

Program Management Certification, Level 3, 

August 2004

Program Management Certification, Level 1, 

October 2003

Air and Space Basic Course, January 2003

ROTC, University of Virginia, July 2002

Substitute Teacher Certification, Chesterfield County Virginia, January 2001

Women’s Ministry Leadership Course, April 2000

Air Force Classroom Instructor Certification, 

February 1999

Facilitator Certification, September 1997

Manpower Management Advanced Technical School, USAF, August 1997

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Course, July 1997

BS in Psychology/Management Studies, University of Maryland University College, May 1997

AS in Personnel Administration, CCAF, May 1997

ACC Stars Course for Action Officers, August 1996

AS in Food Service and Lodging, CCAF, July 1996

Manpower MNGT Technical School, USAF, May 1996

Airman Leadership School, USAF, December 1995

Services Specialist Technical School, USAF, February 1991

Air Force Basic Training, Lackland AFB, January 1991


A+ Academic Resources, CEO/Founder, November 2008 - Present

Academic Program Manager/Behavioral Scientist: 

Chief of Educational Program Effectiveness, Spaatz Center, October 2010 - November 2013

Academic Program Manager/Behavioral Scientist: 

Chief of Education Plans, Headquarters Air University, May 2009 - September 2010

Behavioral Scientist: Lead Test Psychologist, Air Force Occupational and Measurement Squadron, November 2007 – May 2009

Behavioral Scientist: Executive Officer and Occupational Analyst, Air Force Occupational and Measurement Squadron, August 2005 - October 2007

Behavioral Scientist: Acquisitions Deputy Program Manager, Air Force Research Laboratory, August 2002 – August 2005

Manpower and Quality Technician/Analyst, ACC Quality Management and Innovation Squadron, August 1996 – October 1999

Services Specialist, Services Squadron, February 1991 - July 1996

Awards & Recognitions

Certificate of Retirement, United States Air Force

Honored with The United States & Texas Flags

University of Maryland University College Dean’s List

Minot State University Honor Roll

Trailblazer Award for Excellence

Volunteer Angel, Boysville, Gathering of Angels 2022

Professional Memberships

American Association of Christian Counseling

American Counseling Association

American Veterans

Military Officers Association of America

National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives

National Education Association

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