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Academic Resources

Students receive academic resources such as school uniforms, gym shoes, backpacks, books and school supplies to allow them to go to school and learn.

Our Staff collaborates with Principals, Teachers and School Counselors to provide academic resources to children.

Snacks & Meals

Our Staff and Volunteers assemble and deliver small  Snack Packs to schools with children who lack adequate  snacks to energize their bodies at school to facilitate learning.

We assemble and deliver large Box Meals to schools that have children who lack food during weekends and holidays.

College & Career Track

College, Corporate and Military Recruiters brief students on opportunities and challenges that await them.

Students are informed about qualifications and requirements for College, Corporate or Military entry.

College and Base/Post tours are coordinated for students.


Tutoring Services

Academic Volunteers provide individualized/group tutoring in K-12 school subjects. 

Counselors/Educators who are skilled Test Psychologists help students overcome test anxiety and learn test taking strategies to improve their test scores. 

Academic achievement is tracked with quality performance metrics to keep students on target for academic success.  

Writing Services

Writing Coaches help students improve their research and writing skills. 

Editing/proofreading are provided for writing assignments. 

Students receive academic resources such as research and writing guides,  textbooks and writing supplies to enhance their writing skills.

Educational Consulting & Counseling Services

Academic Advisers/Guidance Counselors help students select academic courses and programs that align with school requirements and student skills and interests.

Students receive academic advising, coaching and mentoring to ensure academic success.   

Career counseling is offered for High School students.

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