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Like a diamond, the beauty & brilliance of every student is magnificent! -Team A+

"Students are not adults.  They need help with time management, study skills, prioritizing tasks, social skills, character development, etc.   Instead of assuming immaturity or irresponsibility, assume they need help." - Brad Weinstein


Mentoring is a development strategy that is used to help a child navigate a successful path from childhood to adulthood.   A caring and supportive individual works with a child to build a relationship by sharing knowledge and experience and offering advice, guidance, and encouragement to cultivate positive and healthy development 

(Auzine & Singh, 2019). 

Mentoring is such a powerful force for bringing out the best in people,

so they can be their personal and professional best. - Adriene R. Walker

Team A+

We love helping you succeed!

Tijuana M. Odom, MA/MSW
USAF Veteran
Educational Consulting &
Counseling Services

As a LCSW, seasoned Educator & Guidance Counselor, I can help you select courses & programs that align with school requirements & your skills and interests.    Additionally, I will provide counseling, writing reviews, and coach & mentor you for academic success.  Contact me to crush goals & achieve dreams!


Janine M. Edwards, BA/MBA 
USAF Veteran
Test Taking Strategies &
Tutoring Services

As an Educator who is a skilled Test Psychologist, I can help you overcome test anxiety and learn test taking strategies to improve your test scores.   Additionally, I will find the right tutor for you.  Don't stay stuck! Contact me, so I can teach you how to ace tests and score high on school assignments.


Adriene R. Walker, MA/MSM
USAF Veteran
College & 
Career Track

As an Academic Advisor & Career Counselor, I can help you with College, Corporate, and Military opportunities and inform you about the qualifications for entry.    Additionally, I will coordinate Base/Post tours, so you can have a tangible experience of the Military lifestyle.

Contact me for winning resumes/A+ papers!

Greatness Lives In You!



"Helping Students Identify & Go After Their Dream Career" 

Meet Linnita Hosten, MS/BS, The Dream Career Academy, Founder/CEO

Linnita Hosten is an Education Trailblazer!  Her awards & recognitions include 2021 Women of the Year for Excellence Brainery, Excellence in Education 2019, Youth Speaker of the Year 2019, 40 Under 40 in Education, Education Book of the Year, and Alumni of the Year.   Ms. Hosten believes that a major investment like college requires strategic planning.  As such, she is very passionate about "preparing students to get clear on their plan and confident about what they want."  Ms. Hosten does this by providing content-based programming for organizations, universities and community groups; and group coaching to students.  She has influenced and inspired thousands of students from kindergarten to college!  This is the quality performance metric that informs her about the relevance and importance of her message: “Majority of my speaking engagements have been by referral.”---Top Performer!

Ms. Hosten has worked with students since age 19 in expansive leadership & mentorship roles: 
Recreation Summer Camp Counselor 
Resident Assistant
Orientation Team Leader

Cheerleading Coach
Private Tutor
College Advisor & College Professor

Pearls of Wisdom from Linnita Hosten:
1. If you set your mind to accomplish something, see it through to completion.
2. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, it does NOT have to be accomplished alone.
3. Sometimes it takes the voice of others to speak to you for you to consider 
operating OUT of our comfort zone.

 Three Questions To Unlock 
Your Authentic Career

Meet Ashley Stahl, MA, Businesswoman, Career Coach, Spokesperson, Award-Winning Advocate for Women in Security, and Author: Ms. Stahl is a gifted and visionary leader!  She connects with people through her real presence and down to earth communication style.   Her advice makes good sense!   Therefore, Ms. Stahl has the natural ability to help people get out of their own way as they strive to discover their purpose.   She will logically get you moving step by step in the right direction for career success! 

Ms. Stahl has an impressive record of success when it comes to coaching college students and new graduates in unlocking their career goals and landing the jobs that they deserve.    She encourages students to talk to people and do not be afraid of asking questions.   Her rationale is getting answers enables a student to embrace a viable career.   The ultimate career goal is to do more of what you are not just what you love.    For private coaching inquires with Ms. Stahl, please apply for a free consultation at


Renika Atkins, LMSW, BS, Founder/Executive Director RISE

The All-Star Certified Professional Coach Who Energetically
Shows Up & Greatly Motivates You To Champion Career Success 

John Neral Coaching LLC 

Meet John Neral, MA/CPC: Self-Help Author, "SHOW UP" (#SHOWUP6Strategies), Nationally-Recognized Keynote Speaker, Executive & Career Transition Coach, and Professional Development Consultant.  As a former Teacher, Mr. Neral is a tremendous resource to students!  He understands where there they are & where they hope to be after high school.  Mr. Neral attentively listens to his clients, so they can work as a harmonious Team to achieve the clients' goals for success.  His great sincerity & commitment are the keys that open the doors to career opportunities that blossom into career success.   John Neral makes career success possible!    Learn more:


"Whether you're considering a career pivot, or just curious about what else is possible for you, it's time to make a "you turn"—to get unstuck, discover your true self, and thrive (not just survive) in your career." 
- Ashley Stahl, MA, Career Coach, Spokesperson & Author


Texans Can Academy - Highlands Campus


*Your source for career exploration, training & jobs 

*Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor 

*Proud partner of the American Job Center Network 

*Products include which offers:
career, training & job search resources to young adults age 16 to 24

*Visit to help you plan, locate & pay for education, training & other credentials to help you start, change, or advance Your career


SkillsUSA builds champions who enter the work force with the skills to succeed!

By The Numbers:
53 state & territorial associations
13.6 million annual members total since 1965
650 national partners –– businesses, trade associations & unions
More than 19,000 classrooms conducting SkillsUSA training nationwide
Thousands of community service activities each year
1/4 of U.S. occupational areas covered by SkillsUSA curriculum –– 130 job categories (
Skilled Workforce:
SkillsUSA addresses the skills gap & skilled worker shortages through programs such as the SkillsUSA Championships & industry-driven SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Assessments.   SkillsUSA serves 130 occupational titles that represent one-quarter of the jobs offered by our nation’s economy.  Their work is very much about America’s future (


"You deserve the best."
You can start your quest for personal
iness & career success by finding your school today:

Executive Chef Sonya Dorsey
Saucy Sonya's Spices & Sauces

“This was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  In 2018, I had a chance to go head to head with one of Wolf Gang Pucks executive Chefs in a Chopped competition and I won.  He was such a sweet spirit, and we had so much fun behind the scenes.  It was for a good cause as well.”  -Chef Sonya Dorsey

Meet Executive Chef Sonya Dorsey, BA, BS: Chef Dorsey is a Woman of God, Servant Leader, Wife, Businesswoman, and Executive Chef.  She is a proud distinguished graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts (Bachelor of Arts degree in Baking and Pastry Arts/Baker/Pastry Chef) in Dallas, TX.  Chef Dorsey also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology (Honor Graduate) from Hampton, University.   As such, she has the knowledge of how the body works and what foods are required for optimum performance.    Healthy food is her specialty!    She was inspired to learn healthy cooking techniques because many members of her family suffer from obesity and health issues.   In Chef Dorsey's words: "My husband and I Chef Keith Dorsey own Saucy Sonya's Spices and Sauces, we provide amazing spices and seasonings, specializing in no salt, Non-GMO, No-MSG, all natural seasonings, guaranteed to make any meal delicious."

Culinary brilliance is what she does!    Chef Dorsey learned farming and butcher techniques from her beloved Granddaddy who recognized her extraordinary gifts and talents.    She started cooking at the tender age of six years old!   Her family owned several restaurants in Louisiana, so the love of all things culinary is in her blood.  Chef Dorsey's passion for the Culinary Arts profession is quite evident in the scrumptious masterpieces she creates for her customers.  "Our first ingredient in all of our products is “Love”, with love, good ingredients, hard work, and passion, we plan on taking Saucy Sonya’s to greater heights." (Chef Sonya Dorsey, 2019, VoyageDallas).   Chef Dorsey's tremendous passion for cooking will greatly inspire you to chase your dreams and become the creative genius you were born to be!

Meet Chef Sonya & Keith Dorsey of Saucy Sonya’s Spices & Sauces in Arlington, TX (Photos & Contact Info):



Renika Atkins is a licensed Social Worker (LMSW), Nonprofit Leader in Transitions, Unicorn Service Provider, and Servant Leader who is championing the fight for foster youth and alumni success.   She skillfully uses her education, experiences, and wisdom to empower foster youth and alumni to  ensure they have a real shot at success.  Her tremendous dedication to building foster youth capacity for successful outcomes is awe inspiring!   She is "THANKFUL" for the opportunity to serve foster youth and alumni!   Please pull up a chair and carefully listen as Ms. Atkins shares great insights to put your feet on paths that lead to success.   She will refresh your spirit, teach you essential skills, help you grow, blossom, and inspire you to do great things!    

"I always carried that inquisitive and resilient spirit that something can be done and the responses that we get from systems (colleges, social services, federal, etc.) can be improved and delivered in a more effective way that will increase the chances of success while transitioning into adulthood.  RISE was born from my experiences as a young adult navigating the college and career system.  There was always two responses to my needs as foster alumni either the professional was not very knowledgeable of resources or the resources that were made available only took care of immediate needs with no lasting impression on long term outcomes.  RISE, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was founded in 2015 with the mission to bridge the disparity gap between the transitioning youth/young adult and their community through awareness, education, outreach, mentorship, and advocacy."  

"RISE offers services to both the professional and the client, I believe we are one of the few social services organizations that intentionally do that.  I can say that I have INTENTIONALLY made the decision to upset the status quo for youth and young adults in transition. The transitional state is where all the upset, discovery and realization happens and that’s where I intend to dwell in.  We specialize in services for youth and young adults who have a history of involvement with the child welfare system in Texas. We utilize popular concepts or opportunities to engage the youth/young adult in being connected to resources in their community through personal development, education, and career exploration."    

Please click on the link below to connect with Ms. Atkins and learn more about her story and RISE.

Meet Renika Atkins of RISE in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (Photos & Contact Info):

A Remarkable Success Story
Dr. Antonio J. Webb, M.D.
"Work Hard & Keep God First"


Have you ever met a Superhero?  Meet Dr. Antonio J. Webb.!  Dr. Webb is a Man of God, Husband, Father, Servant Leader, Educator, Mentor, Role Model, USAF Veteran, Iraq Combat Veteran, Keynote Speaker, Outstanding Airman & Spine Surgeon at the South Texas Spinal Clinic.   This Outstanding Leader has a very impressive record of significant community & global impact and numerous awards & decorations.   His remarkable success story is predicated upon his crown jewels---humility & perseverance!  Dr. Webb has inspired countless students & adults with his real-life story of beating the odds!   He is living proof that a person does not have to end up where he or she started in life.  You can have a strong finish!  Dr. Webb believes in working hard & keeping God first.   These Core Values are the keys that open the doors for personal & professional success! 

"Dr. Antonio J. Webb is a fellowship trained Spine Surgeon and specializes in all medical conditions related to the spine including degenerative, deformity, trauma, cervical/lumbar arthroplasty, and minimally invasive spine surgery. Dr. Webb is a long-term resident of San Antonio, Texas for the past 19 years and welcomes patients to the clinic who struggle with spine pain and who are looking for a solution."

"Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, it wasn’t until he attended a Medical Careers Magnet Program in high school that he envisioned his life outside the streets of Louisiana as a doctor. To make this dream a reality, he joined the United States Air Force at age 17 and spent a total of 8 years as a medic and LVN in the military including a tour north of Baghdad, Iraq in 2005 to a forward operating base dubbed “Mortarville” for the frequency of mortar attacks it endured. His unit treated just over 800 patients while in country and survived over 100 enemy mortar attacks during their deployment, while also earning several medals of distinction in the process."

"In addition to his surgical training at UT San Antonio, Dr. Webb was fortunate to learn and spend time operating under the guidance of Dr. Kaye Wilkins in Port Au Prince, Haiti on two separate occasions and in 2018 he was awarded an AO trauma fellowship that allowed him to spend a month doing trauma and spine surgery in Bangkok, Thailand."

"Dr. Webb continued his training to subspecialize in Spine Surgery with a combined Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Spine Surgery Fellowship at the prestigious Texas Back Institute in Plano, Texas. Texas Back Institute is a leader in artificial disc replacement and was the first practice in America to implant an artificial disc replacement. Dr. Webb co-authored articles on cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement while refining his surgical skills over that year."

"During his fellowship at Texas Back Institute, he learned how to utilize a multispecialty approach to treating the spine. He worked closely with therapists, interventional pain specialists, 16 Orthopedic spine surgeons and 3 Neurosurgeons. He took the best practices from all his mentors, in each specialty, to formulate his own unique approach to spine care believing that conservative treatment is the ultimate goal, using surgery only as a final and last resort."

What is most impressive about Dr. Webb is his strong faith in God and commitment to mentoring and empowering aspiring Medical Doctors to "successfully overcome the odds".  Although he grew up with the least of things, endured tough circumstances, and lived in a rough environment, Dr. Webb uses everything that he has survived from "war on the streets in Louisiana" to "war on terrorism in Iraq" to inspire others who are walking the same streets and fighting similar battles.    Please read Dr. Webb's superb book to learn more about his remarkable success story and watch Dr. Webb's educational YouTube videos, so you can get on track to achieve greatness---success unlimited!

LinkedIn Profile


Association of American Medical Colleges Article on Dr. Webb

Dr. Webb's Book

"Look at your life: What is it you're good at? Aim at those things." 

- Bob Goff

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” 

- Steve Jobs

“Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice & most of all, love of what you're doing or learning to do.”

- Pele'



Meet Dr. Mark Moran, M.D.: He is a Physician who is committed to delivering personalized care to help improve patients’ quality of life by providing excellence in medical and surgical care.  Dr. Moran's informative briefing and sage advice will assure you that Medical School is well worth the investment!   Thank you so much Dr. Moran for valuing mentorship by sharing your great insights and recruiting other Doctors to mentor our students!


"In this video, I had the pleasure of interview Dr. Mel Zamora, a Board Certified OBGYN about life as an OBGYN, what a typical day for her is, and tips for all." 


"Melodie Zamora, M.D., is a graduate of Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, and the Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C. A native Texan, Dr. Zamora is also the recipient of multiple distinctions, including the Medical Student Teaching Award." 


"A member and leader of various professional organizations, Dr. Zamora is also a sought-after speaker and research enthusiast.  In her free time, she enjoys cooking, painting and theatre. " (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., August, 2020).  Dr. Zamora loves that her career allows her to keep learning!  She says come into her career field because it's awesome!   Thank you so much, Dr. Zamora for an excellent presentation and your tremendous love for Moms & Babies!!


"In this video, you will follow Dr. Karen Francois, MD throughout her day as a staff Anesthesiologist and see why she chose to enter the field, what a typical day for her is, and how life looks balancing work, being a mom of 3 and wife." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., December 2019).   Dr. Francois loves patients and being a voice of reassurance for them.   She says that being a Doctor is a privilege.  Dr. Francois is grateful for the opportunity to live her dream!  Thank you so much, Dr. Francois and Dr. Webb for providing such an enlightening & heartwarming presentation!


"In this video I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Regina Bailey, an Emergency Medicine Physician about the lifestyle as a EM medical director, attorney, Author, and Fitness Expert. Dr. Regina Bailey is an Emergency Medicine Physician, Lawyer, and Professor. She has a M.D. from George Washington University, J.D. from Georgetown University, B.S. in Molecular Biology from Hampton University and a Masters in Health Law from the University of Houston.  She lectures, mentors and advises pre-medical students across the country on applying to medical school and acing their medical school interviews. Dr. Bailey completed General Surgery Internship at the University of Texas, Houston and completed Emergency Medicine Residency at the Baylor College of Medicine. She is currently Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas, Galveston." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., 4/2018).   Outstanding brief!


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Jillian Alderson, MD about the field of Neurology, typical day in the life, education required and tips for all!" (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., 2018).  Dr. Alderson treats brain & spinal cord disorders.  She says Neurology is a great field because it weds internal medicine & a subspecialty field. This allows her to specialize & focus on certain diseases, yet she still treats the whole person.  Dr. Alderson says Neurology is a very rewarding field!   Thank you, Dr. Alderson and Dr. Webb for a stellar brief!


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Chigozirim N. Ekeke, M.D. about the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery, why he became interested in becoming a heart surgeon, residency hacks, tips for staying organized when busy, and more!"
(Antonio J. Webb, M.D., May 2018).

Dr. Ekeke does open heart surgeries, lung transplants, heart transplants & esophagus reconstruction during his 80 hour work week!  He says there are a "plethora of diseases" in the chest that a Cardiothoracic (CT) Surgeon is responsible for treating. On top of Dr. Ekeke's massive workload & major responsibilities, he finds the time to stay abreast of the latest research in the CT field.  How does Dr. Ekeke work on a beating heart? Great question Dr. Webb!   Dr. Ekeke advises students to stay hungry, happy & organized.   Y'all are in for a Five-Star presentation!


"In this video, I had the pleasure of following Dr. Robinson, a board Certified Dermatologist, around to see what it's like to be a Dermatologist." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., October, 2020).   She sees between 35 - 40 patients daily.  This allows her to spend quality time with her family.   Dr. Robinson loves Dermatology!  She chose this field because she can treat healthy patients who want to improve something about themselves, build multi-generational relationships, and balance work and life.  Thank you, Dr. Robinson & Dr. Webb for an awesome virtual field trip!!


"in this video, I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Ada Montalvo, PA about what it takes to become a PA, typical day in the life, and how she balances work and being a single mom.


Physician assistants are medical providers who are licensed to diagnose and treat illness and disease and to prescribe medication for patients. They work in physician offices, hospitals and clinics in collaboration with a licensed physician.

They undergo rigorous medical training. PAs must take a test in general medicine in order to be licensed and certified. They must graduate from an accredited PA program and pass a certification exam. Like physicians and NPs, PAs must complete extensive continuing medical education throughout their careers." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D.. December, 2017).  

This is PA Montalvo's second career, and it is the best fit for her as a single Mom.  For career success, she says shadowing is a "really big thing you gotta do"!   Exceptional brief, PA Montalvo! 


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Darwin Hayes about life as a Dentist, typical day in the life, his passion for helping up and coming new dentists, and tips for all!" 

(Antonio J. Webb, M.D., 3/2018).  Biology, Chemistry, physics, organic, and calculus are the required courses. Dr. Darwin says it is crucial to have a Mentor & learn the business side of Dentistry---Wisdom!   Thank you, Dr. Darwin for a great brief!


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Dion Metzger, a board certified Psychiatrist about life as a Psychiatrist, dealing with physician suicide, burnout, working in private practice and tips for all.  Dr. Dion Metzger is a board certified psychiatrist whose approachable demeanor and compelling expertise have helped her transform the lives of her patients.  It was during a psychology class her senior year in high school that Dr. Metzger developed an interest in human behavior." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., 6/2018).   Bravo, Dr. Metzger!!


"In this video, you will see what its like to be a Veterinarian by following Dr. Niccole Bruno around where she shows viewers what a typical day for her is, why she chose the field, and tips for the aspiring Vets." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., June, 2020).  Dr. Bruno learned a lot about farm animals & rural life at Tuskegee University, and she learned a bunch about companion animals at Cornell University.  She emphasizes having s strong resume before applying to Veterinarian school.  Dr. Bruno gets to take her adorable dog, Jimmy, to work!   How cool is that?  Thank you, Dr. Bruno for a terrific career brief!!


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Nicole Short, MS, RDN a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist about why she chose to enter into this career, typical day for her, and advice for all." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., September, 2018).  Dr. Short does not believe in dieting.  She has a great passion for food, and she asserts that all food groups are essentially good!  Thank you, Dr. Short for sharing your expertise & wisdom!   


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Rick Yarznbowicz, DPT about what is required to become a PT, day in the life, and his reasons to become a M.D. after PT." 

(Antonio J. Webb, M.D., January, 2018). Dr. Yarznbowicz (Dr. Y). has worked in outpatient orthopedics for 7 years.  He helps patients recover their physical mobility.  Like most Physical Therapists, Dr. Y suffered an injury that required him to go to physical therapy, and he found the field so fascinating!  Dr. Y recommends students observe many Physical Therapists in various stages of their careers, so students can get an in-depth look at the field.  Thank you, Dr. Y & Dr. Webb for a superb brief!


Meet Captain Angela Staggers-Washington, MS, BS: She is a Woman of God, Wife, Super Step Mom, Amazing Aunt & outstanding decorated Policer Officer who bravely & honorably served her department and community for 31 years. Her detailed & dynamic briefing will tell you the requirements to become a Police Officer and what to to expect in this crucial career field.  Pull up a chair & take notes for destination success!


Meet Mrs. Elisha Brown, MS: She is a Christian Leader, Wife, Mother, Engineer, Model & Psalmist.   Mrs. Brown will encourage you to pursue your dreams by believing in yourself, overcoming challenges & staying focused on your goals.   Her inspiring story of "Persevering into Electrical Engineering" & outstanding presentation will greatly inspire you!   You can be your dream!


Meet Dr. Imelda De Hoyos-Aguilar, Ph.D.: Dr. Aguilar is a Wife, Mother & Personnel Research Psychologist.  Dr. Aguilar has spent her entire career working for the USAF in Psychology & Research specialties, so she has a tremendous amount of expertise & experience to guide you in your college & career path.  Dr. Aguilar’s remarkable success story will capture your attention, hold your heart, and propel you to greatness!


Meet Dr. Beenne Anglin, Ph.D.: Dr. Anglin is a College Professor who loves teaching & learning.  Dr. Anglin was awarded the PSI CHI International Honor Society in Psychology for her commitment to academic success.   She moved to the U.S. when she was 5 years old, so she was an ESL student. Her determination to master English and succeed in college and career will greatly encourage you to dream big and achieve it!   


Meet Ritchie Bowling, MA, BA: Mr. Ritchie is a Man of God, proud Texan & gifted Education Leader who humbly & joyously serves as the Maypearl ISD Superintendent. He is very passionate about using his gifts & talents to invest in students, teachers & communities.  Mr. Bowling imparts his vast knowledge in order to build  tomorrow's Teachers & Principals.   


Meet Kayla McCormick, MA: Ms. McCormick chose this career field because she has always like kids.  She says it is important to understand that every student is different.   Each student has different needs & capabilities.  Guidance Counselors must be able to work with different cultures and socioeconomic statuses. Guidance Counselors must able to relate to kids & secure their trust, so they can talk to you.  Ms. McCormick gives students options & allows them to make their own decisions. Thank you, North Dakota Youth Forward & Ms. McCormick for providing this wonderful brief!


Meet Jen Hood: She is a Data Analyst Consultant, Career Coach, Business Consultant & the founder of The Career Force.  Ms. Hood shares these facts: "Analytics are an undeniably critical factor to business success.  Analytics skills are the most in-demand skills in 2020."  If you like analyzing data & solving problems logically, a career in Analytics may be right for you!  Ms. Hood says there are lots of job opportunities in this fascinating field!   Thank you, Ms. Hood for a first-class brief!

Learn more:


Meet Rina Han, MA, BA, Consultant, Talent & Organizational Strategist, Project Manager, Connector, and Founder of Sun Han Consulting, LLC.  She has gathered a wealth of education and experiences to produce a diverse toolkit which is invaluable to people and organizations.  Her delightful presentation with great enthusiasm will move you to make tremendous gains!


Meet Jeffrone Thompson, CPA, BA: Mrs. Thompson is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Mentor, Role Model, & veteran top Accountant.   She has developed a gold standard  presentation that will greatly inform you about Accounting principles & motivate you to consider a lucrative & rewarding career in the #1 sought after career in 2020!---ACCOUNTING!


Meet Swayne Martin, BS: Mr. Martin is the Editor at Boldmethod and a First Officer at Envoy Air.  He flies the Embraer 140/145 based out of New York's LaGuardia & Kennedy Airports.  First Officer Martin loves his job as an Airline Pilot---flying will always be an exciting career!   He displays a fun & fast paced day with 5 flights in only one day.   Please buckle up---you are in for an exhilarating ride with a First-Rate Officer!


Meet Mrs. Laura Sanchez - Ramirez, MA/BA: Professor Sanchez - Ramirez is an Adjunct Professor at Miami International University of Art & Design & the Executive/Business/Life Coach & Motivational Speaker at Coaching for LIFE GOALS. Her vast experiences as a Writer, Educator & Journalist will greatly inform you about the diverse opportunities available to you! Professor Sanchez - Ramirez:


Meet Mrs. Aileen Ybarra Noll, MS: She is a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Nurse & Veteran.  She is an ER Nurse & Nursing Instructor at University of the Incarnate Word. Nurse Noll is a former Medic in the USAF & School Nurse at NISD.  Her passion for Nursing is evident in the loving-care she gives to patients!  Thank you very much Nurse Noll for your outstanding service as an Airman!   Your dedication to mentoring youth is meritorious! 


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Catricia Tilford, MD a board certified Pediatrician about why she chose to enter into Pediatrics, switching specialties in residency, and tips for all!  Dr. Catricia Tilford is a board certified pediatrician who currently practices in south Florida. She completed her combined undergraduate/medical school education at an accelerated six year program in Kansas City, Missouri in 2009." 


"Upon graduating from medical school she moved to Georgia to begin a psychiatry residency and after two years decided to transition back to her “first love” of pediatric medicine. She completed her pediatric residency in 2014 and afterwards moved to New York City to complete a unique one year fellowship in the only program offered for Pediatric Urgent Care medicine." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., August, 2018).  Dr. Tilford shares great insights and stresses the importance of having a mentor for career success.  Thank you very much, Dr. Tilford & Dr. Webb for a rewarding presentation!!


Meet Dr. Celina Sharpe, PharmD: Dr. Sharpe is a Wife, Mother, Outstanding Mentor & Role Model, and Servant Leader.  Dr. Sharpe advises students to choose a career that they love & are passionate about, so they can do well.  She is candid about the first three years of Pharmacy school being tough, so she underscores the importance of doing well in math & science.  Dr. Sharpe emphasizes the importance of a work/life balance.  This is key for career & family success.   She invested her heart & time into making a great presentation for your edification! 


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Jennifer Caudle, a board-certified Family Medicine physician and Associate Professor in the department of Family Medicine at Rowan University-School of Osteopathic Medicine.  Prior to this, Dr. Caudle was a faculty member in the Johns Hopkins University / Sinai Hospital Residency Program in Internal Medicine in Baltimore, MD, and an Instructor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine." 
"Dr. Caudle graduated with Honors from Princeton University and earned her medical degree from UMDNJ - School of Osteopathic Medicine.  She appears as a regular on-air health expert for local and national news networks, including Megyn Kelly TODAY, HLN, The Dr. Oz Show, FOX News, CBS Philly 3 News, PBS and many others." (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., May 2018).  Thank you, Dr. Caudle & Dr. Webb for a fantastic brief!


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Bernard Ashby, MD about what it takes to become a Vascular Cardiologist, typical day in the life, his new FDF project, and tips for the budding medical students and Cardiologists!" (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., January, 2018). Dr. Ashby deals with anything heat related.  He is a glorified “plumber of the heart”!  Dr. Ashby enjoys working with human anatomy, especially heart failure. Although it took 15 years to become a Vascular Cardiologist, he loves what he does!   Nice brief,  Dr. Ashby and Dr. Webb!


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Sarepta Issac, a Geriatric Podiatrist about life a Podiatrist, typical day as a Podiatric Surgeon, her upbringing with Haitian parents, and tips for all!" (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., January, 2018).  She shadowed a Podiatrist after undergraduate school and fell in love with the Podiatry field.   Dr. Issac wisely encourages you to "stick with it" because if others have done it, you can too!  Thank you for a thoughtful and beautiful presentation, Dr. Issac!!  Learn more:

MD vs PA: Which one is better?

In this informative presentation, Dr. Antonio J. Webb explains the difference between a Medical Doctor (MD) and a Physician Assistant (PA).  Additionally, he covers the requirements of each career field.  Finally, Dr. Webb breaks down the pros and cons of being a PA versus being an MD.  He states that the work-life balance is better for a PA since they work about 40 hours per week, and PAs usually do not work weekends.   Conversely, MDs work long hours which typically include weekends.  Dr. Webb asserts that MD was the right choice for him since he likes being the Boss, "calling the shots", and being a Surgeon.   He assures us that Medical school is indeed worth it!  Antonio J. Webb, M.D.. December, 2017).  If you desire to work in the Medical field, but you do not want to go to college "forever", PA may be the logical choice for you since it requires a Masters degree instead of a Doctoral degree.  You got options!  Thank you so much Dr. Webb for making mentorship a priority and providing this great educational resource for our students!   


"This video was made for Ozark Adventist School’s career chapel that was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. I hope this is helpful to all of you young people who are wanting to learn more about different professions. Enjoy!" (Eye Care In Focus, March, 2020. The Optometrist career field requires 4 years of college and 4 years of Optometry School.  Thank you, Eye Care In Focus for providing a marvelous presentation!


"Dr. Shirin Shams is a Counselling Psychologist at Private Therapy Clinic. In this video she gives an introduction to what she works with and how she works. Dr. Shams works with anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties as well as many other common mental health problems." (Private Therapy Clinic, July 2018).   She believes one must be warm & compassionate in order to be an effective Counselor.  She helps clients Imagine what life would be like without difficulties.  She meets clients where they are and helps them.   Great job, Dr. Shams!!


Meet Dr. Mike McClenahan aka The Bow Tie Vet Guy: He says you should shadow a Veterinarian (Vet) to see if this is the right career choice for you.   He decided to become a Vet after having a positive experience with his hometown Vet.  "How did the Bow Tie Vet Guy get to his career today?   Dr. Mike breaks down his experience in vet school as well as how to figure out if being a veterinarian is right for you.  The Bow Tie Vet Guy explains what it takes to get in and what your options are in pet medicine." (The Bow Tie Vet Guy, November 2016).   Thank you, Dr. McClenahan for a phenomenal presentation!!


Meet Porshe Jones: She is a Registered Dietician & Public Health Nutritionist 11.  Ms. Jones has a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. 
Nutrition & Food Science classes were required.  Her Internship was a clinical hands on portion where talked to hospital patients.  Ms. Jones does nutrition counseling & education on healthy eating habits.   She loves lifestyle changes in clients, so they can live better lives.   Thank you, Ms. Jones for an A+ brief!


"In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Lavarre Green, an Occupational Therapist about what it takes to become one, typical day in the life, and tips for all!" (Antonio J. Webb, M.D., September, 2018). Mr. Green (Mr. G) became interested in Occupational Therapy (OT) while he was working with special needs kids during college.  OT works on restoring a person's level of independence, so they do not have to depend on anyone else for their own needs.   He recommends lots of volunteering if you are interested in this field because it is competitive.   A high GPA & diverse experience allows you stand out! Mr. G greatly encourages you to keep pushing hard & going forward!


Meet Chanae L. Wood, J.D.: She is a proven performer, trailblazer & award winning Lawyer who "built up herself from high school" to be the 1st Lawyer fresh out of college to land a job at her prestigious law firm.  Ms. Wood wisely advises students to dedicate to their studies, passions & interests.  She will ignite you to work hard & excel!   Get ready for an A+ brief!


Purdue University has a world-class Industrial Engineering (IE) program which offers courses in Human Factors, Operations Research Education, Manufacturing, and Productions Systems Training.  There is a wide variety of career opportunities in IE. There are 200+ top companies seeking Industrial Engineers!  If you enjoy thinking logically & strategizing, IE may suit you!  


Meet Adriene R. Walker, MA/MSM: Ms. Walker is a Woman of God, Christian Leader, Proud Mom of Mykala Joy, USAF Veteran, & the CEO of A+ Academic Resources.  She lives her life to serve others.  Her daily mantra is Live to Serve!  Ms. Walker helps disadvantaged youth because she was a "poor & needy" child. Through Jesus Christ, Ms. Walker touches hearts & rewrites the stories of children.   She lovingly calls them "precious lambs". 


Meet Dr. Samantha Michel: Dr. Michel is a Christian Leader, Mother, Children's Book Writer & Early Childhood Teacher.  Her superb presentation beams with the love that she has for children.  Dr. Michel greatly encourages you to be passionate about your career!   Website:



Meet Maya Lee, MA/BA: Ms. Lee is an Elementary School Teacher.  She developed a Technology & Innovation program and curriculum to emphasize design thinking & engineering for students.   Previously, Ms. Lee taught Math. Grammar, Writing & Social Studies.  In her jovial & down to earth presentation, she shares great Teacher Tips to set you up for a winning career!


Meet Jackie Indrisano: Students come into her office to talk about more than attendance & academic issues.  Ms. Indrisano goes the extra mile to talk to students & understand their world.  She realizes that making a difference in a student’s life requires knowledge about the student's environment. Ms. Indrisano educates students about the importance of having goals & lets them know their goals may differ from others.   She shows that she cares about students.  Ms. Indrisano helps students set goals & loves seeing them reach max potential (The Boston Globe, 2019).   Ma'am,  you are a Major Blessing!!!


Librarians administer libraries and perform related library services.  Typically, Librarians have a Masters in Library Science. They work in public libraries, educational institutions, museums, government agencies, law firms, and non-profit organizations.  Librarians select, acquire, catalogue, classify & maintain library materials.   Additionally, they furnish reference, bibliographical & readers' advisory services.  Thank you, CareerOneStop for sharing this wonderful information!   Librarians are essential! 

Learn more:


"You have the passion, drive, and ambition to become a world-class coach, but not sure how to start? Here are the 4 elements you need to start a successful coaching business. Get your dream coaching practice started with this free masterclass:" (Evercoach by Mindvalley, March, 2019).   Thank you, Evercoach for an informative brief!


In this comprehensive & detailed presentation, you will learn the 4 main categories of finance for undergraduates. The most popular career paths are explained & simplified to help finance majors make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the category of finance that works best for your career interests.  Thank you so much Kyle from The Finance Major---Nicely done!


Delta showcases what it is like to be a Flight Attendant (FA) to highlight the fantastic opportunities of serving as an FA. Delta values exposing students to career opportunities in Aviation---The most important investment we can make in future generations.  Delta supports groups like the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals in its mission to increase the industry's representation.   Learn more: 


Meet Mrs. Chauncy Pham: She is a Mother, Wife, Businesswoman, Business Ninja, Investor, Mentor & Realtor.  In her honesty & real presentation, Mrs. Pham shares great tips for starting a career in Real Estate.  She says strong marketing & sales skills are key for success.  Mrs. Pham is an original!  She charismatically motivates others to be true to themselves!  YAY!!


Meet Jonathan R. Newell, MS, MBA (4.0 GPA), Lieutenant Colonel (retired), USMC: He is a Man of God, Husband, Father, Marine, Businessman, Visionary Leader, and brilliant Senior Government Executive with nearly 30 years of experience in administration & resource management.  He is passionate about students learning and school results.  This requires knowledge, critical & strategic thinking skills and actively focusing on teaching and learning.  Mr. Newell makes time to listen to students, hear their concerns and find solutions. He pours his heart into molding students of character.   As a Resource Evaluator & Analysis Officer, he is super smart on risk management, internal controls, audits and process evaluation.   As a Budget Analyst, Mr. Newell managed a $1.1 billion portfolio consisting of high-visibility programs.   His strong leadership which is grounded in integrity, accountability and transparency systematically builds organizational sustainability.  His leadership experience, service to our country and personal commitment to helping children overcome adversity are qualities that make him an outstanding mentor & role model.   Mr. Newell draws from his deep well of "strength from adversity" to help kids beat the odds to succeed in school and life.   Please listen very carefully to his exemplary detailed briefing as he shares nuggets to set you up for remarkable success.


Meet Demetrius King, BS: He is an "Award winning, solutions driven, and highly experienced IT Specialist with over 15 years of technical experience specializing in IT Support and network systems configuration."  Mr. King uses strategic cross functional collaboration for root cause identification to drive user and system efficiencies.  He currently serves as an IT Specialist with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.  Previously, Mr. King served in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Electrical & Environmental System Craftsman.  His top skills which are highly endorsed are networking, technical support, and system administration.  Customer service and problem solving are the crown jewels of his phenomenal career success.   Mr. King's real and informative presentation will give you the scoop on two very rewarding career fields.   Of the two, he asserts that Aircraft Electrician was his favorite because was given the opportunity to travel and meet many people all over the world---including our beloved Texas!   Yes Sir Mr. King, Texas is big!  A Texas-size 'thank-you' goes from us to you for taking the time to deliver outstanding Aircraft Electrician & IT Specialist career briefings for our students.   We thank you for your distinguished service as an Airman!

A Life of Eternal Impact



Please click on the following links to take you to Highlands College for more Ministry information:

Highlands College Overview:


Highlands College Traditional Program:


Highlands College Evening Program:


Highlands College Preview Day:




The San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) is recruiting the next generation of leaders!   If this exciting and rewarding career field sounds right for you, please contact your Guidance Counselor or College & Career Transition Coordinator, so he or she can set up a tour of the SAFD.   In the meantime, you can learn all about our highly esteemed Fire Department by hearing the wonderful testimonies of the Outstanding Firefighters, Paramedics & Engineers who proudly serve the San Antonio community---As SAFD Chief Charles Hood fondly calls us "SAFD Family".   The SAFD is Recruiting!   Please visit the SAPD website or Facebook page to learn more about current educational & training opportunities.   You will be so glad you did!   Now, sit tight & listen closely as you hear from some of the most amazing Front Line Leaders in the San Antonio community!

Citizen's Fire Academy (11 week program) gives participants insight & knowledge into SAPD operations.
















Integrity   Service   Excellence 

U.S. Air Force: BMT / Overview
What To Expect: Every New Choice Brings Change
U.S. Air Force: Ask An Airman
U.S. Air Force Parents: The Mendez/Hernandez Family
Meet U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Crew Chief
Air Force Thunderbirds Pilot
United States Air Force Fighter Pilot

Living the Soldier's Creed



Loyalty   Duty   Respect   Selfless Service   Honor   Integrity   Personal Courage









Forged by the Sea


(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class James Hong)


Navy Core Values ​

Honor      Courage      Commitment

U.S. Navy Recruiting Video "This Is Not A Game”


U.S. Navy Recruiting Video "This Isn’t An Audition”


U.S. Navy Recruiting Video "Sea To Stars”


Boot Camp: Behind The Scenes at Recruit Training Command (Full documentary, 2019)


Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation Sept. 4, 2020


She Continues To Make An Extraordinary Difference
By, Adriene R. Walker, A+ Academic Resources, 4 June 2020


Can you swim? The best way to learn something is by having first hand experience with the thing or concept that one wants to learn.  A great way to find out what something is all about is to ask a person who has experienced the thing you what to be enlightened about. Adriene R. Walker, CEO A+ Academic Resources, worked for a Coast Guard Officer when she was a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force at Air Combat Command (ACC), ACC Quality & Management Innovation Squadron. 


Her name is Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) 4 (retired) USCG & Government Service - GS 13 (retired) Sharon D. Doggett, MBA in Information Systems, BS in Economics & Sociology.  CWO Doggett is a Woman of God, Christian Leader, Mentor, Role Model, and Outstanding Coast Guardsman. 


She served honorably and faithfully as a Coast Guard Reservist and a Government Service civilian for 30 years.  The "thought provoking" questions from the candid interview about what the career of a Coast Guardsman entails will greatly enlighten you.


1) Why did you choose a career in the Coast Guard instead of the other branches of the military?

"I went to the Air Force recruiter first and the appointment conflicted with the recruiter's schedule.  I, then, went to the Coast Guard recruiter's office which was probably next door.  Also, my brother was in the Coast Guard for four years so I was a little familiar with the Coast Guard." 


2) What was the driving factor in your decision to join as an Enlisted member?  

"I went in as an enlisted person because of the recruitment incentives at the time. There was a bonus for the Port Security field that was given to me in two or three increments.  This was the emphasis of the recruiter at that time, 1979."  


3)What was your job and how do job and base assignments happen in the Coast Guard? 

"I have the Reservist perspective, but I think that the Active Duty perspective is the same.  It is based on the needs of the Coast Guard which was to increase Port Security Personnel when I joined.  That includes foreign vessel boarding examinations, pollution prevention, and waterfront facility safety."


"There are qualification tests and on the job training performance levels that should be approved before being qualified to do the job and sign the official documents of the exams for these three aspects of the Port Security field listed above."  


"Reservists are placed as close to their base of choice as much as possible which is usually close to home for enlisted and where there is a billet for officers."


4) Were you passionate about the job you performed as a Coast Guardsman? 

"I would not say that I was passionate about the CG job.  I was conscientious.  I took my responsibility serious.   I did my best." 


5) How important is passion when it comes to job performance?

"Both people can do their best. One can be passionate about the job of teaching, playing basketball, bike riding, sewing face masks, etc. to do it no matter what.  The other does her best because that is her character and because she has goals to reach."


6) How does one balance working as a Coast Guardsman and Government Service Employee?

"Of course with everything, time management and focus are the keys. There was no balance for me. There were times that I focused on the CG Reserve career and other times I focused on my civilian job.  It depended on the demands of each career at the time." 


"The Reserve job was definitely more than a two day a month job. The other days of the month, I was working on qualifying exams and or promotion tests. I am very honored to have been selected as the Outstanding Chief Warrant Officer of my Warrant class in 1999.   I was the class vice president and the only female in the class."   Outstanding Achievement!

7) Is swimming ability overrated in the Coast Guard?

"I believe that the Coast Guard and the Navy have the same swimming standards but I am not sure.  It is best to know how to swim before entering.  I was a shallow water swimmer.  Smile.  I went to the pool and practiced swimming before boot camp even though I knew the basics of swimming. I also practiced running before boot camp."


"When I was in boot camp, I didn't know how to tread water.  The instructors work with you for two weeks before you are left behind to graduate with a later class.   Since I was a swimmer, it was not hard to learn to tread.  They let the beginners test near the wall of the pool.   I suppose that gave the beginners confidence.  I do not know of any graduates that were left behind due to not passing the swim test within two weeks time."

8) What are some of the challenges or obstacles you overcame in your career?

"I probably did not overcome the obstacles or challenges. This was not an obstacle because someone had to do it.  I was the fourth weekend team leader.  I worked for 17 years on the fourth weekend meaning Thanksgiving weekend every year!!!   We also had Christmas weekend.  Sometimes we would trade and work New Year's weekend instead of Christmas."   

"Additionally, this was not an obstacle but I endured driving to Wilmington, NC to drill once per month.   The drive was 5 hours one way.   I left my civilian job Friday, drove five hours, got up Saturday morning to perform drill, drilled Sunday, drove 5 hours to Norfolk, went to work Monday and performed.   I did this because Wilmington had the nearest billet for me as a warrant officer for two years.  These two things that I endured were not easy but I stayed focused on my goals and kept my responsibilities in check. These two things took tremendous commitment!" 

9) What are your lessons learned that would help students make better career decisions?

"Decide if you want to do what you like or do what will provide a nice life for you and your family to be able to do what you like. Research what your chances are of finding employment in those fields.   Research how many in those fields are living well.   If you are happy in a job that does not pay well, that is fine, just don't complain.  Research medical careers, plumbers, electricians, teaching jobs, etc.  These jobs may pay well and or provide security meaning that there is a shortage of employees."

10) Do you believe in the win or lose concept, or do you believe in the succeed or learn concept when it comes to reaching our goals?  

"I do not believe in win or lose.  There is enough wealth and success for everyone.  Succeeding and learning are the same to me.  Our goals change as we grow and learn.  We have to thank God for some of the doors that were closed. This is so difficult though."


If you can swim, you stand a good chance of doing well in the Coast Guard.  However, it takes more than swimming ability as CWO Doggett has well-informed us. Success is predicated upon staying focused, valuing time management, and doing your best work.  "I tell young people all of the time, that there is no better part time job that will give you the wonderful benefits of being a Reservist." Significantly, she adds a crucial component which secured the longevity and success of her incredible career---A desire to please God!  "As I reflect to answer these questions, all I can say is BUT GOD". 

Without God, CWO Doggett asserts that she "Never Could Have Made It".  She continues to make an extraordinary difference by being a devoted Caregiver to her beloved Mother and teaching line dancing to members of her church and community. They sing her praises and share heartfelt gratitude for "Sharon's great dedication and genuine concern" for their betterment.  Ma'am, may God abundantly bless you as you continue to serve for His glory!


Major Luke Wright

"Luke Motivates"

"Your dreams come true when you start working toward your goals." - Major Luke Wright

Meet Luke Wright, Major (retired) USMC, MBA, BS: Major Wright is a Man of God, Servant Leader, Husband, Father, Mentor, Role Model, Educator, Leadership Coach, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, and Outstanding Marine.   He believes we must find a way to reach our goals & achieve our dreams.   Upon graduating from high school, Major Wright packed the family van with his clothes, video & music cassettes and some "pocket change".    He was super excited to start the next phase of his life as a college student.    Unfortunately,  Major Wright did not plan well, for his college tuition money ran out before the first semester was completed.    Did he give up on success?    Absolutely not!    He was born to be a Marine, so he went to the Marine recruiting office and the rest is history!     Major Wright is a great leader with a powerful legacy!

His amazing career is a testament of how a person can start in one place and end up doing something so remarkable!   A career in the Marines eliminated the $3,000 in college debt that he had accumulated.    Joyfully, he received tuition assistance to pay for his BS and MBA!   Most importantly, Major Wright was given the opportunity to faithfully and honorably serve our country for 22 years.   Although life has not always been a bed of roses for Major Wright, he has persevered with fortitude, grit, and determination to overcome life’s obstacles and his own shortcomings in order to achieve his goals.    He will motivate you to climb mountains each day as you stay focused and determined to succeed!    If you have an idea that is still in the garage or on the kitchen table,  Major Wright can help you get your idea on the runway and airborne before you can say Luke Motivates!     He is the catalyst who helps you win!   

The Wright Thought:

Major Wright offers the wisdom and insight he has learned through his life’s struggles, victories, and his training as a certified John Maxwell life coach—in The Wright Thought: "Don’t give in to the activity that’s always available and sacrifice the opportunity that’s rarely available!"

Contact Luke TODAY at to book him or receive a signed copy of his fantastic book!

Semper Fidelis

The Corps Core Values
Honor     Courage     Commitment
The Corps Vision


A Story of Personal Bravery:
"Strength from Adversity"
By, Adriene R. Walker, A+ Academic Resources, 5 June 2020


What is a Marine?  The best way to learn about a Marine is to talk to a Marine.  A Marine will share their stories of ​service and sacrifice for something far greater than self, for God and country  mean something to a Marine.  A Marine will teach you what it means to give your best or nothing at all.  Adriene R. Walker, CEO A+ Academic Resources, has talked with a man who has defied the odds to become a Marine. 


His name is Jonathan R. Newell, retired Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col), USMC, MS, MBA (4.0 GPA) He is a Man of God, Christian Leader, Husband, Father, Mentor, Role Model, and Outstanding Marine. His remarkable real life story of "Strength from Adversity" will greatly motivate you to fight when every muscle in your body says quit. 


Strength from Adversity  


“Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)”, “Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)”, and Food Stamps.   Growing up in an impoverished household led by a single mother, I knew what all those acronyms meant because they were my family’s only sources of income.  Like too many kids, I didn’t eat every day, didn’t have electricity or running water every day, and often didn’t have adequate school supplies."

"Despite these circumstances, I was able to graduate high school with Honors and go on to earn a college scholarship.  Looking back, I now understand that my rough upbringing actually helped me.  I learned how to thrive in distress, be optimistic, have self-confidence, be strong, and trust in God." 

"Today, I’m a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, a senior government official, a husband, a father, and a business owner.   My achievements are because of my tough adversity, not in spite of it.  No matter your circumstances, believe in your personal excellence and know you have what it takes to succeed.  Embrace your struggle and learn from it and you will succeed."

Lt Col Newell had just started college when his Mother, his best friend, died.  He was heartbroken and devastated.   He wanted to quit college and sit in the pain of his circumstances.   His friends encouraged him, reminded him of his strengths, and emphasized his Mother's hopes for his success.  Lt Col Newell was motivated to make his Mother proud of him.  He is an incredible success!   "Proud Marine Mom" is

indelibly engraved on his Mother's heart.

He did not let a "dead beat dad", abject poverty, or the devastating death of his beloved Mother stop him from turning his excruciating pain into great success.  God gave him "beauty for ashes"!  He is very blessed with a beautiful, talented, and gifted wife who is also a Lt Col (Army) with a very impressive record of achievement. They have four delightful children who love God, education, sports, and making a positive difference in this world.


What Is a Marine? Only a Marine can answer this intriguing question. Please contact Lt Col Newell for the enriching answer.   I am quite sure he will share "dog on a nail" stories to help you gain a better understanding of life as a Marine who does not quit.  He has worked in many leadership positions and mentored numerous Marines.

My favorite story is the time Lt Col Newell was at a pool party with Military personnel.  An Airman who could not swim was about to drown.   Lt Col Newell dived in and saved the Airman's life.  That is what a Marine stands ready to do.  He would dive 1000 feet into the deepest waters to save a life.  

In 2018, Lt Col Newell retired from the Marines with a bulletproof record of significant Mission impact.  As the saying goes, "Once A Marine, Always A Marine". 

A Marine never quits.  A Marine is strong and courageous.   A Marine finds a way to succeed. Lt Col Newell's epic story of "Strength from Adversity" will truly inspire you to reach for greatness.    OORAH!



With 150+ jobs in the Army, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you!

You can search amazing careers and jobs by clicking the learn more tab!
Army Active Duty & Army Reserve: 


Army National Guard:




With 200+ career options, you can

make a living with a career that makes a difference!   You can learn all about these awesome careers by clicking the learn more tab.


"Find A Recruiter" is available on the Air Force website based on zip codes. 



 Please click the learn more tab to discover all the fantastic career opportunities!   A "Contact A Marine" option is provided for you to connect with a Marine to have a real conversation about what it means to be a Marine and the steps you take to become a Marine.


Forged by the Sea

Choose your Navy journey by exploring adventurous careers at the learn more tab below!   Navy Seal Careers, Law Enforcement /Security Careers, Medical Support Careers,  Navy Diver Careers, Business Management Careers, Flight Support Careers,  Aviation Rescue Swimmer Career, and more!  "Find Your Navy Recruiter" is available by zip code on the Navy's website.


Semper Paratus

If you have what it takes to save lives, bust drug traffickers or track and catch polluters, you're ready for a job in the Coast Guard!  The  phenomenal careers  entail protecting America's economic, national and border security.

Get the details at the learn more tab below.   District & Regional Command Center contact information is available on the Coast Guard's website.


Guardians of the High Frontier

Explore exciting careers and find your purpose by taking a personal career assessment or selecting areas that interest you at the following website: 

"Find A Recruiter" is available on the above website based on zip codes.

You can learn more about the Air Force Space Command at the tab below. 

Career Exploration Program

"The ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP) offers high school students the opportunity to use their skills and interest to explore ALL paths to career attainment – education, work, military, and/or certification – in one place. This video is an overview of the program components. For more information visit:” – ASVAB CEP, October 2017

God loves you!  He has a good plan for your life!

Joyce Meyer


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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Careers Website

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