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Taught Advanced Earth Science/World History. Maintained district educational/behavioral guidelines. Presented educational material employing diverse teaching strategies designed to effectively address each student's learning style and ability, including lecture, discussion, demonstration, cooperative learning, and individualized instruction. Provided educational continuity by implementing established lesson plans, while exercising professional judgment to introduce new material when appropriate or necessary. Consulted with teachers, parents and administration concerning academic, social, emotional, and personal needs of students. Developed and maintained positive interactions with students, faculty, and administrators, building a rapport, gaining respect and trust to ensure an environment conducive to learning.

AMI Kids, Mental Health Counselor/Therapist; Ponce De Leon, FL; July - December 2011

Developed and implemented general oversight of assigned treatment services, including assessments related to treatment needs, treatment plans, and treatment intervention referrals. Provided group, individual, family and crisis counseling services to youth and their families affiliated with the AMI. Prepared daily, monthly and required reports (discharge, progress). Supervised youth medication administration and maintained required documentation. Led and implemented treatment psycho-educational, delinquency prevention, and treatment groups (anger regression therapy, skill-streaming, cannabis youth treatment). Developed and implemented treatment and supervision plans. Provided referrals for needed clinical services not provided by AMI and maintained report updates from out-service agencies.

Scheduled student group sessions, on-site and off-site doctor's visits and also scheduled motivational activities such as field trips and community service opportunities. Communicated and maintained contact with student families/guardians and probation officers concerning student progress. Participated in treatment team meetings, large group activities, family meetings, service plan meetings, and administrative plans related to treatment. Managed substance abuse/mental health services for students and their families. Complied with state auditing standards. Developed partnerships with and maintained contacts with key individuals of state job services, youth services department, local school systems and service providers in the district. Educated and trained institute managers on mental health services.

Mental Health Therapist, Hurlburt Field AFB, FL, August 2010 - July 2011

Provided individual, family, and group psychotherapy and developed specific treatment goals. Conducted interviews and provided treatment and behavioral management services to addiction and mental health diagnosed juvenile offenders in a residential facility. Assessed youth needs and recognized age specific needs and variations in methods used for care of youth of different age groups. Monitored treatment services and observed and documented direct care staff's implementation of the youth's individualized treatment plan. Developed clinical content for treatment plan and participated on youth's treatment team. Communicated with referral sources regarding clinical information. Completed comprehensive social history assessments, psychosocial, and needs assessments and reviewed youth's progress.

Elementary Guidance Counselor, School District of Okaloosa County, Fort Walton Beach, FL, January 2007 - February 2008

Provided short-term, solution focused counseling to children in grades K - 5. Counseled individual students and small groups in an effort to help students develop socially, emotionally, academically, and psychologically.  Served as the School testing coordinator; Conducted test material inventories and ensured procedures were in place to safeguard and account for controlled test materials as they were received, mailed, stored, and administered.  Provided activities for students in academic, career, and personal/social development through collaboration with teachers.

Consulted with teachers, parents and administrators concerning academic, social, emotional, and personal needs of students. Provided information and academic resources for students, parents and teachers on relative subjects. Coordinated/administered a variety of standardized tests and interpreted tests results to parents, students, and school staff. Worked closely with school psychologist administering psychological assessments/tests.   Served as an Active Member of the Individualized Education Program team.

Conducted needs assessments and identified students in need of special services. Screened students for section 504 Accommodation Plan. Provided assistance in developing goals and plans for students with parent and teacher involvement. Conducted interviews to establish the nature/extent of concerns. Developed yearly guidance and counseling plan based on student need, school personnel input, and principal approval. Provided assistance in developing plans for families to determine appropriate educational services.

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC), Louisiana Tech University, August 2004 - September 2005

Recruited, trained, motivated, and counseled highly qualified young men and women as prospective Officers. Instructed Freshman University Seminar for over 40 freshmen with undecided majors earned 20% increase in state budget. Instructed junior-level college course on Leadership Studies, integrating written/verbal communication skills into classroom learning. Provided leadership training, military discipline, educational, and career guidance to AFROTC cadets. Served as education officer, advised instructors on course curricula, revisions, test preparation, and implemented improvement of instructional curricula. Conducted in-service training to all staff. Designed/administered course critiques. Developed management tools to monitor the training status of all personnel. Created staff curriculum, ensured compliance for all training objectives. Prepared instructional materials; prepared and presented training programs.

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